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The Music Company is a ministry that has been established to equip, empower & release young musicians & bands in the pursuit of their God given callings.

The Music Company: YWAM Music Toowoomba

Our Mission

We are a ministry that is passionate about discipling, equipping, empowering and releasing musicians, bands, individuals and teams into their God given callings.

This ministry was established for all those who feel a call to music ministry. This ministry is also open to those who have a passion to support and run alongside of musicians. Artist managers, booking agents, sound engineers, graphic designers.. you are all welcome here.

A Language The Whole World Speaks

The arts are an amazing gift given to us by God. Through the arts, we can reveal the love and glory of God in a way that is often not possible otherwise. There are amazing opportunities for artists today to have an incredible impact throughout the nations. Our passion and desire is to disciple, equip, empower and release artists into their God given callings and these incredible opportunities.

Within the arts, music is an incredibly powerful art form – it’s the language that the whole world speaks and it is a strong part of culture within this current generation. The possibilities for music ministry are endless!

Highschools, universities, colleges, churches, youth groups, prisons, hospitals, orphanages, backpacker hostels, pubs, night-clubs, cafes, live venues, music festivals, the christian & secular music industries, radio stations, overseas missions, advocating for injustice, ministering to indigenous cultures, busking on the streets, down the beach or in the parks, are just a few of these opportunities. And now with the advancement of the Internet, the rise of independent labels and the adoption rate of iPods and smart phones throughout the world, musicians have the platform and opportunity to reach millions in a way they have never had before. It is an amazing time in history to be musician with a calling and a purpose.

God is also calling those that are passionate about running along side of and supporting these musicians as they pursue God’s call on their lives.

Artist managers, sound engineers, producers, distributors, booking agents, promoters, accountants, graphic designers, web developers, video producers, video editors, cameramen, photographers, writers, road crews, road chaplains, lighting technicians, event managers, venue managers, cafe managers, festival coordinators, schools based training staff and many others all have a place in God’s plan to reach the nations through music.

God has created the Church to be a unified body of believers, each with our own function, each equally dependent upon one another. To impact the nations we need to work together, each contributing our own unique gifts for the benefit of the whole.

If you are a musician that wants to make a difference with your life or someone with a passion to help disciple, equip, empower and support musicians in their ministry, then you have found what you have been searching for.

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