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Australian Relief & Mercy Services Ltd (Australian Mercy) is a Christian Aid and Development Organisation that seeks to reach out to the poor and the needy with the love and compassion of God. We hope that the things we do will reflect the faith we have in Jesus. Australian Mercy is independently constituted but is also the preferred mercy ministry arm of Youth With A Mission Australia. We frequently utilise the international resources of YWAM to provide humanitarian relief and developmental assistance to anyone in need regardless of religion, race, gender, age or political persuasion.. We have projects both within Australia and overseas.

Australian Mercy has been set up with the express purpose of providing direct relief to persons in any country who are suffering distress, misfortune, destitution, helplessness and necessitous circumstances.

Through sustainable partnerships we seek to address the causes and consequences of injustice and poverty in small community groups within Australia  and in the Developing World.

Our aim is to produce sustainable developmentally based outcomes that will reduce poverty, encourage self reliance, improve healthcare and education, increase opportunities for women and generally contribute  to a more secure, equitable and prosperous future for members of that community group.

All the staff of Australian Mercy are full time volunteers who give their services and expertise without charge. Their personal support comes through people who believe in the value of their ministry.

Australian Mercy is a full member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and has been a signatory to the ACFID Code Of Conduct, since 2000.

The ACFID Code of Conduct is a document that lays down nationally accepted standards for accountability, governance, and financial integrity.

The Board of Australian Mercy is committed to adhering to the ACFID Code of Conduct and sees it as a good way to build public confidence in its operational  integrity. If you have a concern that Australian Mercy is not adhering to the ACFID Code of Conduct then complaints can be lodged here.

We are also a member of the Micah Challenge a global campaign against poverty that deepens engagement with impoverished communities; and challenges international leaders to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, and so halve absolute global poverty by 2015!

The Board of Australian Relief & Mercy Services has endorsed the Make Poverty History campaign. This campaign seeks to encourage the Australian Federal Government to increase its aid budget and to embrace policies that will help to reduce world poverty by half by 2015.

Australian Relief & Mercy Services Ltd is a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) an endorsed tax concession charity (TCC),  and the trustee of ARMS Overseas Aid Fund. (Item 9.1.1)  (More information about the ARMS Overseas Aid Fund can be found in our FAQ section.)

Australian Mercy runs its own international development projects through the ARMS Overseas Aid Fund and also works with other Australian and In-Country Delivery Organisations (ICDOs) to provide relief and development programs to needy people in countries that have been declared to be Developing Countries by the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

At this time Australian Mercy does not receive any AusAID funding. It does receive some funds from grant giving institutions for specific related projects, such as Buzz Off. Mostly Australian Mercy relies on the generosity of churches, the corporate sector, small business, and the general public for the finances needed to perform its ministry.

Australian Mercy has tax deductibility through the Australian Tax Office on all its projects within Australia and overseas. Donations made to ARMS by donors in the United States and Canada are also fully tax deductible. (See our giving page for details.)