Sydney Island Breeze

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This base is one of the youngest within YWAM Australia, celebrating five years in April 2012.

From the beginnings in 2007 God has continued to speak about the Harvest, particularly in Sydney and even more specifically, Western Sydney.

It is clear, even for non-farmers, that in order for there to be a harvest a lot of work has to go beforehand; having vision, ploughing and toiling the land, plotting the field, planting, watering, weeding, etc…

During the five years living in Sydney, God has moved in the most amazing ways, bearing testament that “yes, the harvest here is ready and it is plentiful.” Looking back, beyond Island Breeze Sydney, there are many who have paved the way and they deserve acknowledgement.

First off, to the people of the land and territory; the Dharuk Nation. Thank you for allowing Island Breeze Sydney to live here.

To the other Indigenous Nations within the Region of Sydney; thank you for being the Gatekeepers of this Nation.

To the Indigenous elders and pastors within Sydney; thank you for your wisdom and stories.

To Dean Sherman, Brent and Kathy Williams and Stephen, Wendy Wells and all the leaders, staff and students for pioneering, persevering and stewarding God’s words for YWAM Sydney (1968 – 2007). To YWAM workers of Australia and the Nations who continue to send teams into Sydney; thank you, your presence and work is greatly appreciated.

To Etienne and Tania Pieterse; thank you for rising up to God’s calling and vision of pioneering Island Breeze Sydney and doing something new.

To Island Breeze Sydney staff and students from 2007 to present; thank you for being a part of the ‘Here and Now.’ Whatever God spoke you stood for, walked in and fought for.

To all the above mentioned, YWAM Island Breeze Sydney would not be where it is today without you, you have each been a vital part of God’s plan in this beautiful city.

Starting the planting

In Genesis 1:28, God speaks to Adam and Eve and says, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it…”

These are the same words God spoke to Etienne and Tania Pieterse as He started imparting His heart and vision to them for YWAM Island Breeze Sydney to impact the city of Sydney, the nation of Australia and the nations of the world.

In five years of trying to live out this mission statement, God has provided in amazing ways.

As the team have seen the ready harvest, they have cried out for more hands to work the fields. Since 2007, over 150 staff and students from 31 nations have come to work alongside the ministry. Individuals, churches, schools, universities and other mission organisations have knocked on their doors wanting to either help personally, or bring teams.

Sometimes the leaders and staff sit back in awe at how awesome God is and what a privilege it has been to be a part of His plan and to actually see part of that plan come to pass.

However, it has not been for the faint of heart. God has called YWAM Island Breeze Sydney to be a people of perseverance and not give up, believing for God to move on their behalf, faithfully waiting upon Him. Not by sitting around stagnantly, but in anticipation of the right time, to move forward.

They want to see this generation transformed and mobilised into their God given destiny. That is their vision and heartbeat; they want to see change and transformation. They want to make an impact and shake the strongholds of the enemy until they crumble. They want to see the release of people and nations; to see them rise up, to see them conquer, to hear the voice of the voiceless and all to glorify Jesus Christ.

Taking up the cross

Today, YWAM Island Breeze Sydney is serving God through reaching out to the local community and many different nations, helping the poor and sharing the Gospel with the unreached.

On their doorstep they are able to interact and reach out to 100’s of young people in schools doing various ministry on a weekly basis. Their desire is to champion these leaders of tomorrow and they continue to thank God for opening doors into those schools. Throughout Australia God has moved through a number of Indigenous communities, bringing revival and witnessing young Indigenous Australians take up the Great Commission and travel to nations, outside their own, to share the Gospel. YWAM Island Breeze Sydney has been privileged to travel to and touch 20 different nations – some multiple times. They look forward to seeing God expand their territory even further into the local community, Australia and abroad.

Come alongside

Our hearts are big and our dreams and visions even bigger. As we move forward we will continue to use the tool that God has given us to work these lands. The picture God gave us of that tool is that of a double-edged sword; one side of its blade represents our prayer, the other represents our worship. The hilt, which holds it all together, represents God’s word.

Our prayer is that as we continue to move forward on this journey of working the harvest that we will never lose this tool and weapon that God has given us; our prayer, our worship and the word of our Lord.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us here at YWAM Island Breeze Sydney.