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A heart begins beating within 22 days of conception. YWAM Melbourne began beating in 1983; beating with God’s heartbeat for the city of Melbourne and for the nations of the world.

Beating with the mandate to know God and make Him known. Beating with the fire for revival, transformation and multiplication.

Situated now in the leafy suburb of Surrey Hills, and part of the broader YWAM Southlands with the bases in Adelaide and Tasmania, YWAM Southlands Melbourne remains a heart beating with the same passion and the same cause.

People flow through the veins of the base to be trained, fuelled and equipped and then flood the arteries of the city of Melbourne and the arteries of the world with the love of God.

The beauty of a heart is in its capacity to bring in and pump out simultaneously. A heart would never survive if it only brought in or only sent out. At the same time a heart can only pump out and draw in from what it has within itself.

The big focus on family and strong relationships in the Melbourne base inspires unity and strength, -drawing people in to be trained and built up.

Our renewed emphasis on intercession, worship, prayer and intimacy puts God at the forefront and fortifies the heart, keeping it vibrant and healthy, sending out people passionate for relationship with God and others, especially the lost.

Those coming to the base represent many countries and walks of life. Each has a different story, a valuable past and a future ripe with potential. People come to YWAM Southlands Melbourne to participate in Discipleship Training Schools, Basic Leadership Schools and other courses to be equipped and released into their calling and destiny.

Kane is one such person; an actor by trade and passion, he has discovered the redeemable qualities of the theatre industry. Austin, came from a very conservative church and opened the door to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit in his life.

God moves into the heart and it is revolutionary; people come, are refreshed by the love of God and then go out taking with them God’s heart.

With new people entering the heart comes fresh vision. Two stand out examples are Island Breeze and Edenfest.

Island Breeze

This ministry is being pioneered in YWAM Southlands Melbourne with the purpose of knowing God and making Him known through his inherent gifts and expressions within the nations.

Island Breeze is instrumental in giving people a platform to find their true identity in God, especially in terms of their culture and heritage. Through this revelation the ministry looks to flood the spheres of society with people anchored in the heart of God and strong in the knowledge of who they are in Him.

Here to Serve

YWAM Southlands Melbourne is also connecting with different groups around the city to serve and carry the presence of God in bringing transformation.

A community of people from over the city meet every Tuesday night in St. Kilda outside a soup van from the YWAM Melbourne base to have conversation, eat hot food and connect. Some don’t have a home, some don’t have a family and some don’t have food, but they find belonging in hearing one another’s stories and building relationship. John, one attendant, is practically part of the furniture, a stalwart attendee who regularly visits the base for open nights and fundraisers. Carey, another attendant, personally met God a few weeks ago and is on the journey of discipleship. The soup van takes the heart of God to the homeless and to those without hope and returns with stories of transformation and connection.

Sparkle reaches out to the working girls in the red light district of St. Kilda. The drop-in centre is
a place of safety, where pedicures and encouragement are readily available. Conversations about God puncture the frequently dark stories with light. It pays to expect the unexpected when taking God’s heart wherever you go.

On Wednesday afternoons, our team goes to build relationships with inner city kids in the commission housing of Richmond in conjunction with the ministry STITCHES. Every week, children, the majority of whom are refugees or immigrants to Australia with heartbreaking stories, come to do their homework, play games and eat a meal. They jump on bouncy castles, slurp down slushies and complain about doing maths, like every other child in Australia. The mix of ethnicities and cultures laughing and learning is a beautiful vision of God’s kingdom and his heart for the world.

Mission Adventures, a summer outreach program, held at the Melbourne base for church youth groups, changes lives. Tom came into the heart as a confused and angry teenager but now imparts the incredible experiences of God in his life to the youth in the neighbourhood he grew up in. He is taking the lead and running with God’s heart for young people. He is now in the midst of organising and facilitating a camp for youth groups across the city with the goal of reaching into one of the poorest suburbs of Melbourne.

God’s heart changes people.

We not only reflect God’s heart, we take it with us into the city and into the nations.

There are testimonies of lives changed, destinies fulfilled and the transforming power of God’s love in reaching the lost and meeting their needs.

YWAM Southlands Melbourne is a heart after God.

If you feel inspired to be part of the YWAM Melbourne heart, in a ministry, through training, or visiting us, please contact us.

Sunshine Ministry Centre

In 2008, God started speaking to Willie and Faylani about the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and asking them how they were going about seeing that community reached with the gospel. They joined a team of church planters in 2009 to pray and intercede for all of the Western suburbs including Sunshine.  As a Church Plant ministry they would always seek the Lord for strategies to target the community which really ignited a passion within them to do more than just pray. After a year of praying through the streets and in a warehouse, a number of the YWAM Melbourne team felt the call to move into Sunshine permanently.

In 2010, they moved into their first ministry house and ran a Church Planting DTS. This was pivotal to the pioneering of the ministry because they were able to go out on the streets and in shops regularly to meet and talk to people. Their home was always filled with new friends made on the streets and as a church plant movement the model of “EAT, TALK and PRAY” became a staple form of evangelism.

Now the ministry has been running for a few years, they have a deeper understanding of God’s heart for Sunshine. Sunshine is an extremely multi-cultural and diverse suburb that faces problems such as violence, drug and alcohol abuse and many other social issues. Despite it’s reputation however, they have found the people living there open to hearing the gospel and accepting of prayer.

Meet the locals

Not long ago they met a Muslim shop owner who openly shared about his life in Africa and now living in Australia. They asked permission to pray for God’s blessings over his business. They prayed specifically for God to send a 1,000 dollar buyer. The next week the shop owner testified about how our their prayers had been answered – a customer came in and bought $1,000 worth of merchandise! They continue to visit this shop owner and pray for his business.

Sunshine Ministry’s vision is to see as many lives as possible reached with the gospel through evangelism, music, dance, drama and discipleship, and help individuals have a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and who they are in God. They want to assist local churches and organisations to reach the Sunshine community through ministry outreach opportunities and to see the Church plant movement, “EAT, TALK and PRAY” multiplied and duplicated in Australia and across the globe. They are a growing ministry and need staff with the same vision and more ministry houses to be birthed in the local area in order to reach Sunshine and beyond.