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The Great Commission is our pulse – we’re an international community committed to knowing God and making Him known. God’s love for the nations fuels our community, our ministry and our training. It’s why we do all we do. It is why we seek to strengthen our current strategies and constantly innovate new ways to bring His love to the nations. It’s why we call more to the cause – there’s a place for you!

Jesus came to seek out the marginalised, the hopeless, the hard to reach – in following His lead, so do we. Through evangelism, training and mercy ministry, we reach out to the city of Perth and the region at our doorstep. The nations surrounding the Indian Ocean represent some of the world’s neediest – physically and spiritually. Whether across the street or across the world – an individual, a community, a city, a generation – we are moved by God’s love for people.

Whether you come for a Discipleship Training School, to be further equipped for your call, or to serve with us in missions, there is a place for you in our international missions community!

Discipleship Training School
We invite you to join us for six months of focused discipleship and missions experience, a Discipleship Training School. Jesus’ disciples grew and were trained through spending time with Him – observing what He did and following His lead. Their discipleship included intentional community, watching His example closely, discussing questions, extending compassion, taking the gospel public. Our live/learn approach is shaped by this model.

Every DTS at YWAM Perth offers the same core teaching and discipleship experience in our missions community, and each offers a specific focus to address a variety of needs and harness the potential of many approaches. From sport to health care, performing arts to seeking out the hard-to-reach, we aim to equip you to join in God’s global purposes.

Further Accredited Training
We offer a wide range of training to equip you for whatever God is calling you to. Once you’ve done a DTS, you can go on to choose the specific input or missions experience you need to ready yourself for what’s next. All our training is field-driven, going beyond just theory to hands-on experience and practical application.

Our holistic approach to training is grounded in Matt 22:37 (NLT) where Jesus said “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” We recognise that information-based training is not enough, but with a growing Christ-like character, the learner develops wisdom and influence to serve the individual or community in need. Our courses range from health care to Bible study, worldview engagement to leadership development, media and communication and more.

Our Community
We are a multigenerational missions hub of staff and students from many nations and church backgrounds. We place a high value on community – we worship, serve, reach out, pray, and share meals together. We are convinced that God can use all kinds of gifts and all kinds of strategies to bring hope to all kinds of people!

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