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Upon arrival in Adelaide, someone who is new to the city will notice one thing marking it as different from other cities in Australia. Whether driving along the green, symmetrically square streets of the city centre, the extensive network of surrounding suburbs, or winding through quaint hill communities, you will see them; churches of age-darkened stone, tall spires and elaborate stained glass. These churches tell an important story about the roots of Adelaide, the “city of churches.” Adelaide was founded to be a utopia of religious freedom, a city where the nations could come and worship God in their own language, in their own way, free from the shackles of state religion.

Old Roots, New Wings

YWAM Southlands Adelaide maintain this goal. They are a multi-national family, made up of people from every continent. They have the same heart to see freedom for the city of Adelaide, for Australia and the world. Their dream is to see the nations free to worship God; free from fear, addictions, depression, despair, hopelessness, pain, injustice and disease.

Adelaide is a city where Christianity has old roots and new wings. Listed in the Top 10 of The Economist’s World’s Most Liveable Cities index in 2010 and being ranked the most liveable city in Australia by the Property Council of Australia in 2011, 2012 and 2013, Adelaide continues to attract people who are seeking a new lifestyle of freedom.

It is home to several renowned art festivals including WOMADelaide and the Adelaide Festival of Arts. In the center of the city is UniSA, attracting a large population of young people who are searching for truth and meaning to life, welcoming new ideas with wide-open minds. All of these are fantastic opportunities waiting to be filled with God’s truth and light. The city of Adelaide is ready to embrace and give new wings to the 2,000 year old message of Jesus’ love.

The Best of Two Worlds

YWAM Adelaide is situated in the Northern Suburbs, surrounded by the most needy neighborhoods in our city. We recently moved to a new location right in the area where the needs abound; it was our way to respond. It’s not enough to come, help and leave: we want to be part of the community. One thing is for sure: you won’t be bored here. Everything we do is to make sure we are OUT there in the community, living Christ as we reach out to people in schools, skate parts, streets and even churches! Sitting along in an office staring at computers? Only if that means we will have better opportunities later to be with people and share our love for God with them!

Our ministries are an extension of our lifestyle.

One of these ministries is a Saturday night homeless drop-in centre in conjunction with the City Salvos. Once a week we provide a hot meal, café, and live music for over 150 homeless who wander the streets at night. We keep the doors open, the coffee flowing and beds available from 5pm to 5am. We have been there week in and week out for three years now and we have already had several testimonies of people who say the City Salvos has changed their lives, giving them hope, a warm heart and the message of God’s love which carries them through a hard week.

Another ministry opportunity in the city of Adelaide is the large population of internationals; including refugees and immigrants. The girls at the base are currently running a weekly Connect group for Brazilians, and we soon hope to begin a weekly English language group open to people of all nationalities who want to improve their English. Many of these families and individuals are looking for friends and can often feel lost and lonely in the midst of a completely foreign culture and country.

The city of Adelaide is ready to embrace and give new wings to the 2,000 year old message of Jesus’ love.

Port Adelaide, Elizabeth and beyond…

For several years, YWAM Southlands Adelaide has been praying for an opportunity to have a ministry center in the city.  God has begun to put on their hearts the region of Port Adelaide, a suburb about 14 kilometres northwest of the city of Adelaide. Historically, Port Adelaide has had a higher rate of poverty and crime. It is also home to a larger percentage of refugees and immigrants from other nations. As you walk the streets, within ten minutes you will meet people from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. We have seen doors wide open in the local churches where we minister frequently and new partnerships are being born as we join them in their fight to bring true transformation to this area.

A Warm Welcome

YWAM Southlands Adelaide run the Discipleship Training School twice a year. Adventures DTS runs every March and September, with a focus on the Australian Outback. If you like camping, swimming, sports, the outdoors and risks this is your opportunity to mix your passion with a place that desperately needs the love of God. Outreach happens in the outback and in East Timor!

The Urban DTS happens every September with a heart to bring the love of God to the cities of the world, engaging with the needs of the city. During the lecture phase we reach out to homeless, prostitutes, youth at risk… you name it, the challenge is huge! And in outreach we go to Japan, one of the most amazing places on earth with a deep need for the gospel.

We wish to extend to you who are reading this article, a warm welcome from our home in South Australia. Whether as a visitor, a short-term mission builder, student or staff, we would love to see you at YWAM Southlands Adelaide, serving and learning, growing and worshiping as a part of our big family. There is a place for you!