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Hearing God’s voice and acting in faith through obedience has for many YWAMers started a journey which can only be described as God’s grace.

Like many, Youth With A Mission 318 Ministries, more distinctively known as YWAM Sydney 318 Korean Ministries has been founded upon an indescribable depth of God’s grace through the leading examples of the directors Tae Sik and Sun who simply obey and act on God’s words no matter the obscurity and outrageousness of the situation.

Whether it’d be uprooting the whole family to an unfamiliar country relying only on God’s promise or initiating a building project which all had thought to be impossible and assured of its failure. Such extent of faith and obedience has now trained, equipped and sent countless numbers of young Koreans both from their mother land and Australia out to the nations.

The vision to mobilise, train and send 318 men of God to the nations carefully unfolded as the base started its first full-time DTS in March 1997.

Like Abraham’s 318 trained servants who were born in his own house (Genesis 14:14) God’s calling was to raise an army of faithful men and women who would dedicate their lives to serve the cause of the Great Commission.

To action the vision firstly meant building close relationships with the Korean Christian community in Sydney. Without their support the base could not function to its full capacity. In most young migrant communities people are sceptical and sensitive to change. They hold firmly to their beliefs and way of life in order to maintain their heritage.

Jumping hurdles

During its pioneering years the base was sometimes mistaken for a cult because of the similarity in pronunciation of it’s name in Korean with that of a known cult. But after 31 BEDTS’s (part-time DTS), almost 800 weekly Tuesday meetings, 60+ King’s Kids camps and various outreaches, YWAM Sydney 318 has become a vital supporting network to the Korean churches.

Many of those who have been trained and connected through these ministries are now at the forefront of the church and are missionaries in their respective profession, advancing God’s Kingdom in numerous areas. The relationship has also opened many doors of opportunity for the church to initiate missions not only to serve locally, but also internationally. They are now evangelising more strategically and influencing the Korean migrant society as well as impacting the diverse, cultured young Australians bringing new waves of God’s movement.

In 1998, after the purchase of land where the proposed ‘mission impossible’ building project would begin, the vision of YWAM Sydney 318 had already taken its next leap in the mind of a visionary leader.

As a rural residential area with local advocates for peace and quiet, the process in obtaining approval to change the zoning and build a religious building continued for four years. Thereafter, another three years were spent in actual construction. However, in the mind of Tae Sik the vision for phase 2 of the building project had already been formed, and is now 45% complete. Over the years they have prayed for cement, bricks, tiles, plumbers, electricians and even for door handles and God has been faithful in His timing and provision whilst constantly teaching about how to call upon the Lord and wait.

In such ways YWAM Sydney 318 have witnessed God’s amazing grace not only with the building project but with each school and ministry on all individual and corporate levels.

Moving forward

They are now eagerly anticipating a new season for YWAM Sydney 318. New ministries such as the Bridge of Blessing for North Korea and Nazirite Mission for the youth movement are beginning to take shape. More broadly the core vision of 318 has expanded to training and equipping an army of God for 318 ministries, 318 schools, 318 churches and 318 businesses.

The founding values of the base are living by faith in God alone, and leading by example. Tae Sik and Sun will always be the motivational source to all those who have had the privilege to train and serve at the base.

No matter what the season may be, we live by faith that God is carefully orchestrating His great plans into action and He will work through each of us in expanding his Kingdom here on Earth.

To find out more about YWAM Sydney 318, or to find out ways to get involved please get in touch today.